ENGL Imaging Toolkit™

  • Windows 10 deployment made easy
  • Automated deployment process
  • Driver management and deployment
  • Secure imaging front-end
 Systems Center Configuration Manager
 ZENworks Configuration Management



  • Reduces costs associated with Windows deployment
  • One solution for all hardware platforms
  • Flexible and standarised approach to Windows deployment
  • It's easy... automated deployment within a few hours!



  • Optimised for System Center Configuration Manager and ZENworks Configuration Manager
  • Deploy Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2012 R2, Server 2012, and Server 2008 R2
  • UEFI/GPT and BIOS/MBR support
  • Industry leading Driver Management
  • Windows hotfix discovery, download and integration
  • Secure imaging front-end with contextless login, imaging menus, and customs forms
  • Application installation based on machine, user, defined role or function
  • Single point of administration for media management, project creation and driver management
  • Build process monitoring (when used with ENGL Deployment Monitor)


Deployment Console

The Imaging Toolkit Build Console provides a single place to manage and create your Windows deployments.

Source media including Windows, .NET Framework, System Center Client, ZENworks Agent and Windows drivers can be imported into the File Library and used across multiple projects.

After importing machine hardware inventory, drivers can be identified and downloaded into the File Library and silently installed during deployment. Build Console can create an overlay image for each hardware platform containing drivers based on the operating system being deployed.

Using Build Console projects can be created and managed easily. Build Console validates each project prior to deployment to ensure all media is available and configuration settings are valid.


Secure Imaging Front-end

Imaging Toolkit integrates with System Center and ZENworks imaging using either network boot (PXE) or disconnected media to provide secure LDAP authentication to Active Directory and eDirectory. Identity based imaging menus and forms can be easily created to display and gather input required for deployment.

The imaging front-end simplifies the creation of menus for administrators and users that replace common imaging and deployment tasks with the added benefit of security.


Automated Windows Deployment

At the heart of Imaging Toolkit is a fully automated Windows deployment process that controls and monitors driver installation, computer naming, System Center Client or ZENworks Agent installation, Active Directory registration, application installation and customisation.

The deployment process is controlled by the project configuration that is created using Build Console.



Driver Management

Imaging Toolkit includes unique driver management functionality that simplifies the process of finding, downloading and deploying drivers.

Machine hardware details can be imported using the Imaging Toolkit Inventory Scanner (Zdrivers) utility. Machines that have identical manufacturer and model information can be merged together to ensure hardware variations can be captured.

Once a machine has been imported a request for the latest hardware drivers for a specified Windows version and platform (e.g. Windows 8 64-bit) is sent to the ENGL Driver Repository web service.

A Driver Pack will have been created that contains driver download details matching the hardware inventory. Drivers can be downloaded by selecting the Driver Pack.

Each Driver Pack is extracted and analysed to identify the most appropriate installation method to be used during deployment. Depending on the analysis and user customisation, an add-on image (WIM or ZMG) will be created containing drivers and installer.


System Requirements

For the latest supported System Center and ZENworks version information visit the Desktop Management Solution Compatibility page.

  • System Center Configuration Manager
  • ZENworks 11 Configuration Management