ENGL ImageInvoker™

  • Secure imaging front-end with deployment menus and job scheduler
  • Compatible with WinPE and LinPE
  • Designed for Symantec Ghost Solution Suite


Imaging front-end for Ghost Solution Suite



Secure authentication

Secure access to GSS deployment menus using a password or server/domain authentication.



Identify-based deployment menus

Display GSS jobs and folders as flat or hierarchical menus based on permissions of the authenticated user.



Computer renaming

Machines can be named or renamed when scheduling a deployment job.



Job scheduling

Once the a job has been scheduled the ImageInvoker client will exit and hand control over to the GSS automation agent.





To download a 30 day fully functional Enterprise Edition evaluation, simply register on the ENGL web site using your company email address, download, install ImageInvoker, then request an evaluation.





ImageInvoker 1.0 was created by Ian Atkin (Altiris specialist at Oxford University) in conjunction with Hannah Massie (Incit Technology) for Symantec Deployment Solution (DS) 6.9. Parts of ENGL ImageInvoker 2.0 have been kindly provided by Oxford University under an Open Source license. Ian Atkin continues to be involved in the future direction of ImageInvoker as an ENGL stakeholder and is actively involved in the product development cycle.