ENGL Deployment Suite™ for ZENworks

The ultimate Windows deployment solution for ZENworks administrators.

Deployment Monitor

Imaging Toolkit


  • Monitor your deployments
  • Live and history views
  • Track all build phases/tasks
  • Remote control ZCM devices
  • Display custom build data
  • Web console
  • Mobile app
  • Windows deployment
  • Hardware agnostic imaging
  • Driver management
  • Secure imaging
  • UEFI support
  • Automated
  • Customisable
  • ZCM remote control
  • Standalone application
  • No need for ZENworks Control Center (ZCC)
  • Search for devices and users
  • Add devices and users as favourites

What customers say...

"ENGL Imaging Toolkit enables us to use a single deployment process to set up all our workstations. This saves us a massive overhead maintaining different builds for each model of PC. Every new computer can be now set up quickly and consistently with the minimum of effort."

Matthew MacGregor, Software and Desktop Services Manager, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


"We have been using ENGL Imaging Toolkit since version 6 to do our deployments for Windows 7 and it has been the best choice we made. It works in conjunction with our Novell ZENworks Configuration Management environment (ZCM) to deploy Windows 7 images to our 90+ labs and 300+ staff machines.

The ease of having a single deployment process for multiple machines in a lab using the built-in workflow for multicasting makes our job so much easier. Not having to create a base image per hardware type makes it a hands down winner. We have over 15 different hardware models in production and we don't have to worry about driver issues or drivers missing from an imaged PC. All the hard work is done by Imaging Toolkit. Using logic rules with ZCM, we push out applications bundles to different classrooms based on workstation membership during imaging making it a one click process.

We also use Deployment Monitor to monitor the various deployment stages lab PC's are at from a central console running in the service desk.

Without this software we would have to do a whole lot of manual work to get over 90 Labs imaged and software installed. We use deployment projects to allow us to tailor our deployment so we can deploy staff laptops and student laptops and put them in different containers without manual intervention.

I would recommend ENGL Imaging Toolkit to anyone that needs to deploy multiple Windows 7 (or 8) workstations in an Educational environment. Great software and great support!"
Richard Benjamin, Senior Systems Development Officer, Melbourne Polytechnic


Pricing is shown for budgetary purposes only. Available to academic customers only. Multi-year pricing available.

Device Count 12-Month Subscription (per device) Z-Remote Licenses
1000 - 1999 1.80 2.70 2.52 3.60 20
2000 - 2999 1.70 2.55 2.38 3.40 30
3000 - 3999 1.60 2.40 2.24 3.20 35
4000 - 4999 1.50 2.25 2.10 3.00 40
5000 - 9999 1.40 2.10 1.96 2.80 45
10000+ Call Call

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