ENGL Deployment Monitor™

  • Windows deployment monitoring
  • Track progress with detailed status
  • View and export machine log files
  • Supports any task-based deployment solution
 Imaging Toolkit
 Custom deployment (any task-based deployment solution)



Want to view your Windows deployments in real-time?

Wouldn't it be great if you could view your Windows deployment in real-time?

How much better would it be if you had the ability to identify deployment issues faster?

If you are looking for a more efficient and flexible way to monitor your Windows deployment, look no further. ENGL Deployment Monitor enables you to track progress with detailed status updates and identify deployment issues anytime, anywhere – and it’s really fast.

You can view Windows deployment progress in real-time and at the same time view your full machine history.

Designed for any task-based deployment solution

Deployment Monitor works seamlessly with ENGL Imaging Toolkit and any task-based deployment solution. It track and monitors all phases of the deployment including the imaging. It will also track all build tasks, display the build process, filter log files, as well as display image preparation. Plus you have a single web console, password protected configuration and much more. This means you can display the start time, manufacturer, model, computer name, last update, as well as progress and status updates on the deployment phase.


Making your deployment easier!

ENGL Deployment Monitor integrates with ENGL Imaging Toolkit and any task-based deployment solution to monitor all aspects of your Windows deployments including:

 Live progress and build history views

 Track imaging and all deployment tasks

 View and export build log files

 ZENworks remote control (when used with Imaging Toolkit)