File Library

The File Library contains installation media, certificates and drivers that are used by your Windows deployment project. The File Library is located on the machine where Imaging Toolkit was installed and can be moved by changing the File Library path in Options > Folders.

Navigation buttons and identification icons

Button / Element Description
Media Indicates the import media could not be found or failed validation.
Manufacturer / Machine / Driver Pack Indicates hardware inventory has been updated and a new search for drivers is required to refresh the Driver Pack. Typically this occurs after a machine inventory import merge.
Identifies Windows media.
Identifies an imported machine hardware inventory scan or manually created machine.
Identifies a machine Driver Pack.
Identifies .NET Framework media.
Identifies LDAP certificate media.

Keyboard navigation

The keyboard can be used to perform some basic tasks.

Key Sequence Description
Up / Down Select item above / below.
Left / Right Collapse / Expand selected item.
Delete Delete the selected item including child items.
Application / Context Menu Displays context menu for selected item (same as mouse right-click).

The following media types can be imported into the File Library.