ENGL Imaging Toolkit™ 11.0.7 for ENGL Deployment

Tour of the Workspace

The Build Console user interface consists of the following sections:


Build Console's user interface includes a menu bar at the top of the program window, containing several menu options.

New Starts the Project Wizard where a new project can be created.
Open Opens an existing project and displays the Expert View.
Close Closes an open project.
Save Saves an open project.
Save As Saves an open project to a different path.
Exit Exits the Build Console application.
Toolbars Sets the global toolbar icon size (normal or large).
Theme Sets user interface theme (black, blue or silver).
Help View Toggles display of the Help View pane.
Validate Project Settings Validates configuration settings in an open project.
Encrypt Project Passwords Hashes passwords in an open project.
Integration Wizard Starts the Integration Wizard.
Deployment Wizard Starts the Deployment Wizard.
Create WinPE Boot Media Starts the Create WinPE Boot Media Wizard.
Manage Projects Displays recently opened projects which can be removed.
Remove Unused Files Searches the file library and removes machine driver files that are no longer in use.
Create Support Zip Creates a Zip archive for the current open project containing the project XML, project folder and custom files folder. You may be requested to use this option by ENGL Technical Support to aid with troubleshooting.
Cancel Cancels an operation.
Options Displays the global options panel.
Documentation Displays help.
Release Notes Displays release notes for Imaging Toolkit.
ENGL on the Web Displays the ENGL web site.
Register Imaging Toolkit Starts product activation where a valid license key can be entered. When a new license key is available follow the steps to replace an ENGL Imaging Toolkit license.
Check for Updates Forces a check for software, supported desktop management versions and driver analysis rule updates.
Driver Management Statistics Displays your driver search usage.
Display Log File Displays the Build Console log file.
About Build Console Displays the Build Console version and license details.

Global Toolbar

Build Console has a single global toolbar ("global" meaning it is always available at the top of the user interface, regardless of the window pane you are working on at the time). Tools in the Global toolbar let you perform tasks for projects, wizards, options and help.

Button / Section Description
Starts the Project Wizard where a new project can be created.
Opens an existing project and displays the Expert View.
Saves an open project.
Validates the configuration of an open project.
Starts the Deployment Wizard.
Starts the Integration Wizard.
Cancels an operation.
Displays the global options panel.
Displays help.

Window Panes

Build Console has numerous window panes in the interface that are used for a variety of purposes. When a project is opened, the Expert View pane is displayed and shares the same window space at the File Library. When project validation is performed, the Errors pane is displayed and shares the same window space as the Status Log.

Status Bar

At the very bottom of the interface is a status bar. The most notable use for the status bar is to see your driver search allowance, management solution type and progress of various Build Console tasks.

Customising the Workspace

Simply because a window pane is attached to the left or right side of the program window by default, this does not mean it has to stay there.