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With the release of ENGL Driver Manager 7 (ETA end of November 2017), we have added the ability to deploy drivers to any task-based OS deployment solution.

In this blog post we will look at using Driver Manager to replace the Hardware Independent Imaging (HII) component of Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2017 (previously LANDesk Management Suite). Driver Manager handles critical (mass storage and network) INF drivers, standard INF drivers and application package (setup.exe) type drivers.

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With the release of Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9 (coming soon!) we have added the ability to create a deployment process that can be used either standalone or with any other configuration management tools. You have the option to use a PXE server e.g. Windows Deployment Server for network based deployment, or simply a USB device with the images stored locally. Update: This blog relates to Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9, Imaging Toolkit 11 and later include full support for Liquit Workspace, please review the product documentation for more details.

This preview demonstrates how to configure a deployment project to deploy Windows 10 1709 and integrate with Liquit Workspace. Applications will be delivered from a Liquit Workspace cloud tenant during the deployment process.

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Following Symantec's release of ITMS 8.1 RU3 (see Symantec Connect article), I'm pleased to report that ENGL Driver Manager 6.0.3 now includes support for Symantec Deployment Solution 8.1 RU3 (included in ITMS).

For further details, visit the ENGL Driver Manager home page.

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After a detailed testing process we are pleased to announce support for Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update (build 16299) and associated ADK with ENGL Imaging Toolkit 10.0.8.

As well as being delivered in a combined ISO, this build of Windows 10 also resolves the issues with corrupt Start Menu tiles and Edge browser download issues that were present in the original 1703 Creators Update (build 15063).

As a bonus with this release it is also possible to migrate editions, e.g. Enterprise to Education, during the build process simply by applying the appropriate product key in your Imaging Toolkit project settings.

Happy building!

Note: If you are using Imaging Toolkit with SCCM, check that your version of SCCM is compatible with ADK 1709 before upgrading.

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I'm pleased to announce the release of ENGL Z-Remote 2.0 for ZENworks 11 and 2017.

What's Z-Remote?

ENGL Z-Remote is a standalone Windows application designed to assist ZENworks helpdesk technicians who are frequently performing remote control. Z-Remote supports ZENworks Configuration Management 11 and 2017.

Using Z-Remote, a device or user search can be quickly performed and a remote control session established without the need for ZENworks Control Center. Expanding a user displays their last known devices. Both users and devices can be added as favourites. 

Z-Remote supports both rights and password session authentication, and prompts for session certificates can be automatically accepted to make the process of establishing a remote session as efficient as possible.

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