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ENGL Driver Manager 7.0.2 introduces a new feature called Automated Machine Identification to really simplify driver installation during a System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) OS deployment task sequence. Automated Machine Identification reduces driver installation to just two steps per task sequence, and adding drivers for additional machines no longer requires any further administrative effort to modify the task sequence.

Note: The original Driver Manager function for SCCM is still available. SCCM driver packages are not compatible between the two methodologies.


How does it work?

The SCCM Task Sequence is updated to run ENGL Driver Installer post OS installation (WinPE phase) and once the machine has booted to Windows.

Driver Installer sends hardware information to the Driver Manager Query Service (DMQS) which identifies the appropriate SCCM package containing all drivers for the machine. The package is then downloaded from the nearest distribution point.

Critical Drivers (mass storage and network drivers) are processed during the WinPE phase of the task sequence.

All drivers are processed (.inf and installers) when the machine boots to the full windows OS.



Follow the product documentation for steps to install and configure Driver Manager in your environment.


Import machines into Driver Manager

Machines can be imported into Driver Manager in two different ways:

  • Scan a machine with DMScanner then import the driver scan file
  • Import hardware inventory information directly from System Center

Once the machine has been imported into the Machine Library we can search for drivers.


Searching for Drivers

Right click on a Machine in the Machine library. Select “Search for drivers” then when prompted select the Windows Operating system you require drivers for. Driver manager will then create a driver pack with all the appropriate drivers for the machine. If the option to download drivers was selected then you will be prompted to select which drivers you would like to download.


With Driver Manager 7.0.2 we now have the ability to download up to 4 drivers concurrently.


Analyse Drivers

In order to install each driver correctly Driver Manager needs to analyse each download. Driver analysis information is now stored with the download information, this means that where drivers are shared between different machines there is no longer the need for the driver to be re-analysed for each driver pack.


Integrate Driver pack with System Center Configuration Manager

When a driver pack is integrated with SCCM, we create one package that contains both the .inf files and software installation files. Information about the machine and the driver package ID are stored by the Driver Manager Query service so that Driver Installer can retrieve the appropriate driver package when required.

To integrate a driver pack with SCCM right click on the driver pack within the Machines library then select “Integrate”. If an existing package exists you will be prompted to either update the existing package or create a new one.

Integration is much faster than with our standard SCCM integration because the driver .inf files are added to a software package rather than being added to the SCCM driver store.

Integration also creates a DriverInstaller-x86 and DriverInstaller-x64 package. These contain Driver Installer and are referenced by the task sequence steps.

Once the package(s) have been integrated they need to be distributed to the appropriate distribution points in your SCCM environment.


Configure SCCM

The Task Sequence needs to be updated to run Driver Installer from the DriverInstaller-{platform} package. This replaces the previous methods that specified which driver package / software package to install based on individual WMI queries. 

More detail is available in the product documentation.

The original “Apply Device Drivers” Task Sequence step has been disabled along with the previous ENGL Driver Manager steps. These can be deleted as they are no longer required.

The task sequence is now updated and ready for deployment.



The Task Sequence can now be deployed to a machine. The machine will build as normal but instead of using drivers packages or packages filtered by WMI queries, ENGL Driver Installer will query the Driver Manager Query Service (DMQS) and download the appropriate package containing all required drivers for the machine being deployed.


About ENGL Driver Manager

ENGL Driver Manager simplifies the discovery and deployment of Windows device drivers with any task-based OS deployment solution.

For more information check out the Driver Manager product page