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In the realms of niche issues this one is pretty well up there but there is an issue with the x86 WinPE boot WIM file in the 1709 ADK whereby some of the files necessary to manage NVMe disks have been 'mislaid'.

The disk can be seen, selected and cleaned in diskpart with no issues but attempting to create a partition reports:

Virtual Disk Service error:
The object is not found.

Whilst this should be fixed in the next ADK release be aware that if you are using x86 boot media from the 1709 ADK it might not be a failing disk drive as a general search of that error might suggest but this little niggle instead.

If possible, often simply by using UEFI rather than legacy/BIOS, use the x64 boot wim instead as this works correctly. If this is not possible, either use an older version of the ADK until the new version is released or applying the latest cumulative update to the boot.wim should restore the missing files.