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I'm pleased to announce the release of ENGL Z-Remote 2.0 for ZENworks 11 and 2017.

What's Z-Remote?

ENGL Z-Remote is a standalone Windows application designed to assist ZENworks helpdesk technicians who are frequently performing remote control. Z-Remote supports ZENworks Configuration Management 11 and 2017.

Using Z-Remote, a device or user search can be quickly performed and a remote control session established without the need for ZENworks Control Center. Expanding a user displays their last known devices. Both users and devices can be added as favourites. 

Z-Remote supports both rights and password session authentication, and prompts for session certificates can be automatically accepted to make the process of establishing a remote session as efficient as possible.

What's new?

With Z-Remote 2.0, we now officially support installation of Z-Remote on Windows 10 and Server 2016 operating systems. We have also added support for the remote control of ZENworks managed Apple Mac devices.

Rather than refreshing all devices, the status of a selected ZENworks device can now be refreshed. We have also added the ability to display device properties, which includes OS, networking and logged-in user details.

Device context-menu with new Refresh and Properties

Device properties

Further details

For further details on Z-Remote 2.0 and download the latest version, visit here.