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Did you know that ENGL ImageInvoker for Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.x comes in a Free and Enterprise Edition?

Free Edition

The Free Edition is limited to one activation per organisation and includes:

  • LinPE and WinPE client
  • Timeout countdown
  • Authentication (password and local server)
  • Deployment menus (flat / hierarchical)
  • Computer renaming
  • Job scheduler (10 per week)
  • Encryption of authentication password
  • Technical support (community forum)

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition includes everything in the Free Edition plus:

  • Authentication (domain)
  • Job scheduler (unlimited)
  • Encryption of all data between client and service
  • Technical support (priority ticket)

Download ImageInvoker

You can request an ImageInvoker Free Edition license by visiting the ImageInvoker home page. It's free! What do you have to lose?