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I'm pleased to announce that ENGL WimWiz 1.0 is now available to download and purchase.

If you get frustrated with ImageX and DISM, WimWiz is definitely worth a look.


What's WimWiz?

WimWiz features Windows Explorer shell extensions designed to simplify WIM image management tasks.


This release includes the following capabilities:

  • Explorer context menu extension for WIM files (.wim and .swm)
  • Explorer infotips file extension for WIM files (.wim and .swm)
  • Explorer properties file extension for WIM files (.wim and .swm)
  • Apply a WIM image to a folder
  • Capture selected folders and files to a WIM image
  • Delete a WIM image
  • Export a WIM image
  • Mount / Unmount selected WIM images (includes mount history and display of open processes during unmount)
  • Split a WIM image



Visit the WimWiz home page for downloads, trials and purchasing.



We're keen to add more and more features to WimWiz and we can't wait to hear your suggestions. What do you want WimWiz to do?