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I have used the latest version of the ENGL Driver Manager (latest internal BETA) software to create driver packages and application packages in my SCCM 2012 RC test server.
The appropriate packages have been created successfully and are visible within the SCCM 2012 Console.
The packages were distributed to the distribution point then added to an existing task sequence


The Task sequence reports an error when attempting to deploy it:

This task sequence cannot be run because the
program files for SCO00015 cannot be located on a distribution point.

Resolving the error:

To review the actual error message within the WinPE environment:

  • Press F8 to launch a command window (this needs to be configured in the appropriate boot image properties page)

  • Launch cmtrace.exe from the command prompt.

    (cmtrace.exe is a replacement for trace32.exe and is included by default in the WinPE boot image)

  • Accept the prompt to make this the default log viewer.

  • Open x:\windows\temp\SMSTSLog\smsts.log file. This gives all the information about the task sequence and any errors.

Reviewing the log file I get the following error(s)

Failed to resolve selected task sequence dependencies. Code(0x80040102)

A google search on this error code gave some useful information but nothing that appeared to help resolve the issue.

I then switched back to the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Console. SCCM 2012 has a different look and feel to SCCM 2007 which makes things interesting when tracking things down.

The console has a "Monitoring" section. This has several options that let you check the status of different SCCM 2012 components.
Selecting Overview -> Distribution Status -> Content Status allows you to check the status of individual packages.

Select the Package that is reporting an error. In this case SCO00015

Right Click on the package then select View Status

Four tabs are now visible

Success Status information is currently unavailable for this deployment
In Progress Waiting for prestaged content
Error Status information is currently unavailable for this deployment
Unknown Status information is currently unavailable for this deployment

Reviewing the "In Progress" Asset Details the description says:

Distribution Manager is waiting for the package SCO00015 content to be prestaged on the distribution point. 
You must manually prestage the package SCO00015 on the distribution point before the content will be available.

This confirms that the package has not been updated on the distribution point.

Switching back to the Software Library > Overview > application Management > Packages > VMware, Inc.

I can view the packages created by Driver Manager.

Right click on the VMware-Virtual-Platform-Win7-x86-2 package (SCO00015)
Select Properties
Review the package details.

Distribution settings has the setting "Manually copy the content in this package to the distribution point" set.

Change this option to "Automatically download content when packages are assigned to distribution point"
Click apply.
Right click on the package.
Select "update distribution point".
The distribution point now updates successfully.
Reviewing the content status for the package it shows

Content was distributed to distribution point

PXE booting the virtual machine I now have a task sequence that deploys successfully.

I have reviewed other packages that were created by Driver Manager or created manually. These default to "Automatically download content when packages are assigned to distribution point" and as expected distribute successfully to the distribution point when assigned.

At some point when initially reviewing the package properties I must have been changed the distribution setting without noticing!

SCCM2012 looks different to SCCM2007 which makes troubleshooting issues interesting until you find your way around the console.
Prestaging content is also a useful feature to have if you are aware that it exists and don't enable it on a package by mistake!