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If you have the Novell client for Windows 7 in your build - you have probably seen some issues with authentication or tree or server not found.

Here are some of the steps you can take to resolve these issues:

Review the Novell Knowlege base. We don't write the Novell Client - we just try to get it installed and up and running as part of the build process. We've probably seen most of the issues but let us know if you find something new.

One pretty useful TID is this one for those using the IR6 or newer client:
Logging in quickly after booting fails with "The tree or server cannot be found", 0xC7FD0028 or 0x800789FC

This details how the client logs in and gives us a registry key to use to configure how long the client waits before attempting to login.

The key to configure is:

"Max Retries Boot Threshold"=dword:00000384

If setting the "Max Retries Boot Threshold" resolves the problem, adjust the value downward to avoid unnecessary delays. A value of 120 seconds (dword:00000078) may be adequate.

More info in the article on how this works.

If you are not using the IR6 (or newer client) then might be worth trying it as things seem to be working a lot better these days.

Other tips can be found in this document in our knowlegebase:
ENGL TID-2010013: Troubleshooting AutoAdminLogon

If you do have issues with the Novell client failing to login during the ENGL build process - please let us know via our support forums or a support incident.