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When deploying an Imaging Toolkit project to a machine we expect to have administrator rights in order for the deployment process to complete successfully.

ZENworks DLU and GPO policies can be inherited by the machine as soon as it is registered. These policies may then impact on the local user the build is using when then may cause problems with phase 3 of the build process.

We recommend that any policies that are inherited by the deployment process (Machine or Installer user) have a requirement set on them to ensure that they are not active while a build is in process.

This requirement is detailed in our product documentation :

It is possible to identify if a policy is being picked up by a machine by reviewing the deployment process log file (ztoolkit.log) on the machine:

[06-Mar-12 11:06:03] [ZapphookZcm] [Debug] ActionSet processing BEGIN 
[06-Mar-12 11:06:03] [ZapphookZcm] [Debug] Current Task: PolicyManager
[06-Mar-12 11:06:03] [ZapphookZcm] [Debug] Current Task Status: Downloading
[06-Mar-12 11:06:12] [ZapphookZcm] [Debug] ActionSet processing END

As you can see there is a policy being processed but there is no indication which policy is being processed.

We have just published a TID that shows how to list the ZENworks policies that are picked up during the deployment process.

For more information check out