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Imaging Toolkit Application Logic rules provide a very powerful method of controlling which applications are installed during the Build Process. Using rules you can build a machine with applications for a specific department, role or even user.

By way of a quick review, Imaging Toolkit provides some logic rules that are used to control how applications (bundles) are installed during the build process. When using logic rules your _Installer bundle will have every bundle that might be required for deployment listed in the Install action set.

During the build process Imaging Toolkit will analyse the bundles assigned to the workstation and if specified, the owner (user) of the machine. The analysis process will look at direct assignments and dependencies, so you could have a bundle assigned to the workstation that delivers an icon for an application that is dependent upon the bundle that installs the application. The result of this analysis will be a list of bundles that are to be installed, Imaging Toolkit will then block the caching and installation of any bundle that is not on this list.

The table below show's a resulting list of bundles based on the _Installer and Workstation bundle assignments:

_Installer Bundle

Assigned to Workstation

Resulting Action

MS Office 2010 Installer

MS Word 2010 (icon)

Install MS Office 2010 Installer

Adobe Reader X Installer

Adobe Reader X (icon)

Install Adobe Reader X Installer

VMware workstation Installer


Skip bundle

Winzip 15 Installer

Winzip (icon)

Install Winzip 15 Installer

With Imaging Toolkit 6.0.6 we added a new configuration option named "Log Bundle Names During Analysis" within the ZENworks Applications properties. The setting controls whether bundle names appear in the Ztoolkit.log file when the bundle assignments are being analysed. This option may seem fairly innocuous at first glance because more logging is always good... right?

In larger environments where customers have 100+ bundles in the _Installer bundle "Install Action Set" we have seen significant delays in the logic rule processing. This delay is caused because we have to make repeated web service calls to the ZCM server to retrieve the bundle name. So the new option disables the retrieval of the bundle name. We have seen logic rule processing decrease from 90 minutes to 30 seconds with this change.

It should be noted that setting "Log Bundle Names During Analysis" to false does not affect the Build Process Status Window, so you will see the status update the bundle name as each bundle is installed.

For more information on the application logic rules take a look at the Imaging Toolkit documentation: