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I'm pleased to announce that Commulynx has joined the ENGL partner programme.

Trevor Ings, Technical Director at Commulynx, commented on the partnership:

"With over 55 years combined experience working with ZENworks across all types of environments, Standard Operating Environment (SOE) development has become a key component of our service offering. Enhancing that offering by partnering with ENGL was a no brainer for us.

With the ENGL Imaging Toolkit, we have been able to take the flexibility of Hardware Independent Imaging to whole new level. Flexibility is the key here. To enable our clients to introduce new hardware into their network while ensuring image continuity by simply adding a driver scan means our sales guys tend not to say very much during the demo and just end up taking the order. The product support is like nothing we have experienced in a long time. It is personal, responsive and efficient, a breath of fresh air!

Imaging Toolkit is just so powerful and you are only really limited by your imagination as to what you can do with it as an integrator. We won't go into a ZENworks Configuration Management pitch or demo now without the Imaging Toolkit. It is just that simple."

Visit our partner page to find sales and technical resource in your area.