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You may have caught the recent announcement that Imaging Toolkit 8 was released today with support for ZCM 11.2.3 and the deployment of Windows 8 and Server 2012. Visit the Release History for more information.

If you're running Imaging Toolkit 7.0.2 and feeling left out, don't be sad, be happy! We're pleased to announce that Imaging Toolkit 7.0.2 now supports ZCM 11.2.3. All you need to do is start Build Console and select Check for Updates from the Help menu. Once the updates have been received Build Console will display ZENworks 11 Configuration Management (11.2.3) when creating a new project or running the Integration Wizard.

Unless you've been living in a cave, you'll no doubt be aware that ZENworks 11.2.3a is the only supported version of 11.2.3. If you run Integration Wizard and select to download an updated initrd (Linux imaging integration) the initrd file downloaded will be from ZENworks 11.2.3a. It is important that any initrd you download is correctly matched to the ZENworks installation in your environment.

For more details visit the ENGL ZENworks Support page.