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What a way to start a new year! I'm pleased (and excited) to announce that ENGL's first mobile app will feature as part of the ENGL Deployment Monitor 1.0.4 Beta. The really good news is that the mobile app will be free of charge for all customers with a Deployment Monitor license.

The Deployment Monitor Mobile App, allows customers to see real time statistics of Windows deployments using Imaging Toolkit. The Mobile App can display details of successful, in-progress, and failed deployments. Detailed phase and task information can be accessed if configured in the Imaging Toolkit projects. Additionally, the app can be run in the background, and can notify you of successful or failed deployments.

Want to get involved? The Public Beta is now open. Simply login to the ENGL web site, and navigate to the Deployment Monitor Beta forum. Read carefully the Welcome/sticky for system requirements and installation steps.

If you don't already have Deployment Monitor, this is a great time to request an evaluation and try out the new mobile app. Remember, as it's a Public Beta, ENGL will support you in both a production and non-production environment.

Happy testing!