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In January 2014, we released ENGL Deployment Monitor which displays the deployment progress status of ENGL Imaging Toolkit built machines using a web browser. Since the initial release we have added new features including the ability to view the ZCC (ZENworks Control Center) device page and remote control a registered ZENworks device.

At the BrainShare event in November, we met with customers and partners to discuss new features and receive feedback. One of those features that received a lot of interest was a Deployment Monitor mobile app. The idea being to have a dashboard style app that at a glance would alert you to issues during imaging and the deployment process.

So, fast forward a month and we've designed and developed a version nearing completion for BETA testing on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Screenshots on Android (subject to change)


If you would like to be involved in the Deployment Monitor mobile app BETA and you have an existing Imaging Toolkit / Deployment Monitor environment, please complete the survey below.